Gibco is dedicated to the Christian values of loyalty, honesty, and respect. With a focus on customer service and employee satisfaction, Gibco will continue to be a reliable partner in the business community for years to come.


What Our Customers Are Saying

"We are proud to have Gibco as a contract hauler, and continue to conduct business with them daily. We would absolutely recommend Gibco Motor Express to other companies, and continue to utilize its services frequently."

Gibco is currently hiring drivers! 

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If you would like to read the article that ran in the Evansville Courier and Press about Gibco and the Meeks family, feel free to click on the image below!


The foundation for Gibco Motor Express, LLC was laid in 1930 by a man named Vern Gibson. Since then, Gibco has forged a reputation as an industry leader in the transportation of bulk commodities. With over 400 power units based at seven locations in Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky, Gibco is strategically located to meet the transportation needs of its valued customers. Gibco's owners, Larry and Rita Meeks, contend that the success of their company is from the efforts of all Gibco employees, and the long-term relationships that the company has with its customers.

In addition to fulfilling transportation needs, Gibco also offers services in the areas of excavating and fuel sales, and maintains a retail Aggregate Yard in Sullivan, Indiana, which supplies stone, sand, gravel, rock, and rip rap at competitive prices. Contact us today for all of your hauling needs!