Taking Pride in Our Community

On Saturday, September 11, 2010, a crew from Gibco Motor Express participated in the Lynnville, IN City Clean up Day.

Using a Case skid loader and a shovel to scrape the roads clean, Toby and Kyle were able to get the coal off of the street with minimal interruption of traffic. Mark and Doyle flagged traffic to keep everyone safe.

Toby Carithers, Mark Kinder, Kyle Hinkle, and Doyle Cole cleaned up coal lost by local truck traffic at the intersection of State Road 61 and State Road 68.

There were many waves, smiles and signs of appreciation from local motorists passing by. Bill Carlisle of Lynnville's Bread Of Life Ministries came over to offer encouragement.

Gibco employees are committed to the values of integrity and civic responsibility, and the Lynnville, IN clean up is one example of that.

Transported 28 loads of relief to hurricane Katrina victims.